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About Us

Our Story

Touring Kart Championship was founded in 2021 to hold competitive rental go kart races and build the karting community. TKC holds rental kart sprint races, endurance races and owner kart sprint races with Northeast Karting Challenge.

In the summer, we run our outdoor-only summer championship at tracks such as Raceway Park, United Karting and GoPro Motorplex. In the winter, we run indoor state championship races at tracks such as Lehigh Valley Grand Prix, Monza World Class Karting and Xtremezone.


The Answers You Need

How do I get started?

Touring Kart Championship welcomes all drivers, regardless of age, experience and gender into our community! If you do not feel comfortable joining one of our races yet, visit one of the rental tracks or reach out to us for more information!

How old do I have to be?

The minimum age requirement is set by our individual tracks. Most of them are either 12+, 14+ or 16+. Please visit the track's website for track-specific information.

What Classes can I join?

For the 2023 Summer season, Minimum weight is 200 lbs unless stated otherwise. Weight ballasts are available at a first-come first-serve basis.

The main points championship will be an open weight class (Senior Class) with a minimum driver weight (with equipment) of 200lbs.


There will also be a Jr/Heavy Sub-Class. Drivers who want to be in the Sub-Class must be a minimum weight of 210 lbs and/or under 16 years old. 

The Sub-Class drivers will race with the Open Class drivers but be scored differently in the results. There will be a podium for both the Senior Class and the Sub-Class. If there are at least 4 Heavy Sub-Class drivers and 4 Junior Sub-Class drivers, then the 2 Sub-Classes may be scored separately at the Race director's discretion.

Sub-classes get scored separately from the Senior Championship. The podium for the sub Class Championship will still receive prizes but will be different to the Senior Championship prizes. Driver's will receive only the Senior Class prizes if they place on the podium in both the Senior and Sub-Class Championship.

What Karts are used?

Touring Kart Championship races at both electric and gas rental karting tracks. The karts we use are the best rental go karts available in the area. Please see the following kart brands that we use:

  • Sodikart SR5

  • CRG Centurion

  • Caroli Shark

  • Bizkart EcoVolt NG+ (Electric)

  • TopKart Racing Kart

  • BirelART Rotax Minimax

How Fast do the Karts go?

Each go kart has slightly different top speeds, depending on the track, engine and conditions. The maximum indoor top speed is 50 mph, and the maximum outdoor top speed is 55 mph.

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