• Will default to the rules of the track where the event is located for certain rules regarding driver safety and race operations.

  • Points System, Race Format, and Racing Integrity Rules will be explained in Drivers Briefing before the event begins.

Cancellation and refund Policy


Cancellations with be accepted with a full refund 14 days before the event date or you may transfer your race credit to be used to purchase a seat for a different race. Please see below for race credit information. Cancellations will be accepted with a 50% refund 7 days before the event date. Cancellations will be accepted with no refund 6 or less days before the event start date.

If you register for an event, and all the spots in the event are filled, you will be put on a waiting list. This is on a first come first serve basis. If a driver with a spot in the event cancels, their spot will be given to the next person who registered. If you are unable to get a spot, you will be notified 6 days before the event date and your payment will be refunded within the next week.


If you purchase a season pass of any length (3 race, half season or full season) and wish to cancel on any number of the rounds, you must EMAIL or Direct Message us on our Instagram account @touringkartchampionship. The cancellation timeline and refund offerings are the same for the Individual Race Cancellations.


Race credits are a in-house currency to be used only on Touring Kart Championship events. 1 race credit = 1 hour of racing. So if you have 1 race credit, you may use it to purchase a race that is worth an hour. You may also use a race credit in addition to other forms of payment, say for a 3 hour endurance race. Using 2 race credits to purchase a 3 hour endurance race would lower the price from $300 to $100.

Purchasing a registration spot for a race or a season pass means that you comply with the above mentioned rules.

Drug and alcohol policy

You may not participate in the championship event if you are or seem to be intoxicated by any drugs or alcohol. If you attempt to participate in the event under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, your championship points for that event will be rescinded and you will receive a warning. After the second warning, you will be banned from the championship that you are participating in. After a third warning, you will be banned from participating in any Touring Kart Championship events. Prescription drugs and Medical Marijuana Program cards are not a valid reason for racing under the influence of drugs or alcohol. All state and federal laws regarding driving under the influence will also apply.