Brenna Schubert

Brenna Schubert

Brenna started indoor competition with Lehigh Valley Grand Prix, a high-speed indoor go-kart racing operation she has been competing at for 11 years.

Early in her Lehigh career, she was a track champion and multiple time-record holder, according to her father, along with having competed in around 30 endurance races at indoor go-kart tracks since the start of her career. She has won the annual LVGP500 twice.

Her father put together an outdoor competition go-kart setup and bought her two of her own go-karts at the age of 13 to start racing competitively outdoors.

Schubert went on to win her first outdoor season in the Yamaha KT 100 Pipe Class as well as the SuperCan class, which led to her winning three seasons in a row and going undefeated from 2014-2016.

She raced in the lucas oil racing school for the first time in August 2021 and will be competing for the shootout in December!

Brenna competed here in the Touring Kart Championship in 2021's inaugural season. Finishing P2 at LVGP, On track, GPNY and United karting and winning the 2nd race at United Karting. She also finished on the podium (P2) in the 6 hr NY grand Prix @ OVRP and Lucky 7 at Camp Motorsport with the TKC Endurance Team for procup karting.